Mick Harford

We are all shocked and sadden to hear of the news that is breaking that Mick Harford has announced he has been receiving treatment for prostate cancer.

On behalf of the committee and the entire membership of Loyal Luton Supporters Club we wish to express our sadness at this news and offer our support in Micks battle with this desease.

Typical of Mick at a time that is one of the greatest worries for himself and his family he thinks of others.

He has encouraged people to go to their GPs and get tested.

If you can catch this cancer earlier enough it is treatable, so we along with Mick urge you to do this.

We stand with you Mick, wishing you a very speedy recovery.

Stronger! Together!

Kevin Rouse

Chairman for and on behalf of the Committee of Loyal Luton Supporters Club