Chairman’s Message – July 2021

Hello everyone,

Is it me or do you feel this is going to be a very special season.

Normally every single supporter in the land will say the same thing as collectively we all dream of glory.

This is what makes us all return time and time again. But there certainly is a buzz around Kenilworth Road and with 8 new players arriving echoes of David Pleat all those years ago springs to mind and the era we went into with his team when he recruited a load of new players into the club and set off on a journey that saw us in the old 1st Division.

So therefore a very big welcome to our new signings, you have all joined a club with a proud and long tradition of nurturing players on to greater things.

You have joined a club who’s supporters will glorify you if you step up to the plate and play for the badge and the shirt and give your all to them.

With grounds back to what they should be and that is having actual people in them there are some fantastic games coming up with some occasions that will stay long in the memory.

Good luck to each and everyone of you, we all look forward to watching you play and supporting you from the terraces.

The Euros offered a glimpse of what could be for the future for all long suffering England supporters.

A first final in 55 years is far too long for a country that gave football to the world.

Has Gareth Southgate come across a formula that will go on and see England assert itself on the international stage in the form of regular semi finals and finals and along with the later trophies, dare we dream as a footballing nation starved of success for so long.

We were so close, perhaps a bit more adventure on the vastness of Wembley and who knows.

Italy looked awesome in some of the earlier games so overall I suppose they deserved to win the tournament.

To all our Italian friends who follow our club in the form of Luton Town Italia, I know you would have had a fantastic night celebrating, “conratulazioni per aver vinto gli euro”

LLSC this season are planning to hold an AGM. We are hoping to do this on the Swansea City home game.

We are finalising the details of where and when and at what time so please keep a look out for the confirmed dates etc.

There are some important issues to raise at the meeting so if you can attend please do.

We are also planning some events for the new season, again please keep an eye out as these events are always over subscribed and are very very popular, one will definitely be.

In closing we are still looking for help to run our website. If you or you know someone who might want to help the cause could you get in touch and we can sit down and discuss what we are looking at.

Thanks everyone, COYH!

Stronger Together!

Loyal Luton Supporters Club.