Chairman’s Message – May 2021

Dear Members,

First of all thank you for your magnificent support of our nominated charity, Woman’s Aid In Luton, for this season. Reza and the committee worked hard on raising money for this worthy charity the money raised will definitely help. In the coming weeks we will pick another charity to support and this time we will want to raise even more money for that nominated charity.

The season has now come to an end and with it a real satisfaction that we will be in the Championship for another season. Congratulations to Kiernan Dewsbury Hall who won the Bob Bates Memorial Trophy with the most votes. The young Leicester midfielder scoring three goals in his time with us has impressed and it looks like Brenden Rogers will recall him back and keep him at Leicester City. If this is the case and he isn’t loaned back out to us then we wish him all the very best for the future and thank him for his contribution to keeping us in the Championship and improving massively on our position last season, we will miss him that is for sure, thank you Kiernan.

As we reflect on the season that has just gone the elephant in the room was the prevention of supporters being able to attend matches because of Covid. Without doubt it has been universally accepted that football is nothing without the support on and from the terraces. This is long overdue and welcomed because for too long supporters have been regarded as some form of cash cow by far too many clubs and in many respects have been looked upon as a necessary annoyance in many respects. If Covid-19 has taught the owners and administrators of the game the supporters are everything, the living embodiment of every football club, its conscience and its soul. With the treacherous attempt of the so called top six clubs in England trying to form the European Super League and with it the death knell of the footballing pyramid in this country the supporters rose up and showed that united in a common cause change cannot and will not happen unless they are consulted properly. Any discussions going forward has to involve the supporters and those supporters demand that we have a say in the future of the game. Football is more than just money, it is a game that has evolved since the early Victorian days into a global phenomenon that brings every colour creed and class together and unites all of us like no other sport and arguably any political party can ever do. For once a universal abhorrence of what was about to happen aided the doors being slammed shut on such a ludicrous idea as the ESL We need to have proper independent representation on the boards of football clubs up and down the country that isn’t just a token seat and has a real say in how its club develops but also at the table of the FA and FL itself, why not we can not allow the game and the clubs we love being hijacked any longer! Our own CEO Gary Sweet raised some very important issues on this subject in his programme notes and we whole heartedly support what he had to say in those notes.-

In closing I can not leave without mentioning a certain derby game. Wasn’t it absolutely brilliant to see us win. We played magnificently the whole game and right from the off we made our intentions clear that “they” had a game on their hands. A certain Mr Gray had clearly forgotten the 111 games he had played for us and the 57 goals he had scored during his time with us, but more importantly the support he got from the terraces at Luton. The goal he thought he scored showed he had no class or respect as he headed towards the main stand starting to celebrate like he had just won the World Cup. How we all laughed as he realised the goal was offside. Shame that!

In the close season myself and the committee will be working hard on some ideas that we have got planned as well as the AGM which I encourage you to attend. The date time and place will be announced in due course.

Have a great summer, lets hope we are back where we all want to be witnessing our continued improvement in this league and what that brings.

Stay safe.
Stronger Together!

Kevin Rouse
Loyal Luton Supporters Club