Chairman’s Message – ESL Update

Dear all,

Well that didn’t take long did it, the collapse of the ESL with in a couple of days is more than welcome but is this a Pyrrhic victory though? Was this always the plan and an intention to bargain for something just as odious but a little more acceptable the next time to a few more invited in, or am I giving too much credence to the zombies who are running what would have been turned into zombie clubs with tourists as spectators.

So one of the arguments being developed today from the Walking Dead was that the reason they had decided to join the ESL WAS due to the lack of the youth coming through the turnstiles because 21st Century kids are too busy playing games on social media. Really? How about if you made going to games for the youth more affordable rather than to try and price them out of the game altogether. A cynic might say arguments like this was the plan all along to usher in something like the ESL. Nothing to do with the millions and millions of debt that has been accumulated, blame the kids that will do it.

The absolute universal condemnation from every conceivable angle was very welcome. However, this condemnation has now got to have a positive outcome for football as a whole. The attempt to build a Donald Trump style wall around the 12 to keep everyone else out has to be ended once and for all,in order to stop whatever they dream up next. We can not keep waiting for the next episode of Disney World to arrive and then having to fight like hell to stop Mickey Mouse and Co from absolutely trying to destroy our football clubs because the Yanks don’t quite grasp the concept of promotion and relegation.

LLSC are looking at different options to try and put our members and the greater Luton supports voice at the heart of the debate regarding change.
Yesterday we were involved in a Zoom event with the Leader of the Opposition, Keir Starmer MP, and other invited organisations and guests to debate the consequences of the ESL and to build a consensus for change. The political atmosphere has changed in the last couple of days so it is vitally important that supporters of all clubs make sure their voice is heard and that positive change follows quickly before the Disney Club invent another hair brained scheme which next time the football family may see the kids fostered off and mum and dad divorced and the house sold off !

Stronger Together,
Kevin Rouse
Loyal Luton Supporters Club