Chairman’s Message – ESL

Dear all,

As you have all become acutely aware the breaking news of the so called six “top clubs” in English football have decided it is time to break up nigh on 150 years of the football pyramid in this country. We can’t say we were not surprised in fact the logical conclusion since 1992 and the formation of the greed league was to reach a point that so much money has been made out of the game we love that in the end it was always going to end in tears and the potential breakup of the pyramid due to self protectionism of their own self interests at the expense of everyone else due to ever growing inflated players transfers and wages and ever bigger stadiums to be paid for.

There was always going to be a cabal of the richest clubs who have grown fat on their (SKY) wealth and perceived superiority over the “little” clubs.

It is a criminal act against football in the way they have met and colluded in the shadows and to stick a knife in so hard that the handle has broken off at the hilt.

The foreign legion of owners who have infiltrated the top clubs and who want to protect their investment have no idea what it is like to follow a club in the lower regions of the leagues and support a club on a cold December midweek game in the bitterly cold rain or snow knowing that it is very unlikely that your club will ever play in the Premier League, but are just as loyal to their colours as any Liverpool, Man U, Arsenal, Man City or Tottenham supporter. Even with the chance of some glory in the FA Cup has been diminished to the point it is weighted in favour of the “big” clubs who just cant bare to lose with the changes in recent years to what was the greatest cup competition on the planet.

A “closed shop” used to be a regular factor in industrial Britain of the 70s. It was outlawed via various laws and regulations brought in by the governments of the time because of restrictive working practices of not belonging to a trade union. The top six are now forming their own closed shop which will restrict competition fairness and the integrity of the game.

There has been complete universal condemnation of this move from every quarter. At all costs this must be resisted and there must be punishments from the authorities if the split occurs. However, there is now a proper chance to change things and level the playing field for all the other clubs outside of these traitors to the game. The Government had been looking at the games structures in this country but due to Covid things have gone very quiet. It is now time to take backup that independent review of the way the game is run in this country and maybe it is time to move towards the German model of more inclusive supporter involvement in football clubs. One thing is for sure, we are in the fight for our lives now. We are NOT “legacy supporters”, we are the lifeforce of the game in this country and if Covid has not shown us anything other than football without the fans is NOTHING!

LLSC is utterly opposed to the ESL and support the integrity of football via the pyramid, NO TO MODERN FOOTBALL!

Stronger Together.

Kevin Rouse


Loyal Luton Supporters Club