Chairman’s Message – April 2021

In response to the football clubs press release regarding season tickets LLSC largely agree with what is on offer. We would encourage our members and the wider Luton support to do as best as they can in purchasing season tickets and not to take up the offer of the 40% reduction for next season and allow the club to keep it to strengthen the squad.

Of course there are questions surrounding this from supporters who purchase more than one season ticket in their households and also supporters who could be losing their jobs etc.

Whilst we fully understand these very real and present concerns we can only make representation’s to the club to see how some of these questions can be addressed, if at all.

The pandemic has caused unprecedented damage not only to health but also to peoples incomes as you all know.

We don’t even now at this stage whether a third wave will arrive and if it does what damage potentially this could cause to the economy and peoples lives let alone the football club because if the nation has to go into lockdown again it could be the end for many clubs struggling to survive now.

If you can afford the money for a season ticket then we encourage you to buy one. If money is tight then perhaps the 10 month payback is an option. As a supporters club we can only do so much on your behalf, ultimately the club is going to have to try and mitigate any future damage to their business as best as they can, so this offer is about as best as they can come up with without damaging themselves even further and ultimately failing.

If the football club can get through this next uncertain period with your support buying season tickets then we will be in a very strong position coming out the other end, so again we encourage you to purchase your season tickets in the most advantageous way you can in order to support our football club.

Stronger Together,

For and on behalf of the committee

Kevin Rouse


Loyal Luton Supporters Club