Chairman’s Message – February 2021

As you are all aware by now the Oversight and Scrutiny Committee of Luton Borough Council met on Monday 8th February to discuss the Executive Committees decision not to allow a lease of the playing fields at Cutenhoe Road.

Bizarrely the OSC held the meeting in secret after a vote was held that was 5 in favour 4 against holding it behind closed doors.

I think it should be recognised that the Lib Dems should be thanked for firstly getting the OSC to relook at the decision and secondly trying to get the meeting held in open debate.

Most people outside of these committees don’t understand how they work but most would agree that these committees should and must work in the best interests of the people who put them there and that is the voting public of Luton.

Unfortunately, the OSC decided not to pursue the debate on the lease and recommend it for further debate at a full council meeting and sided with the Executive. What a waste of time.

We can only speculate to the reasons why and there are enough conspiracy theories doing the rounds at what the council are up too.

Once the Executive meets again in a few weeks time unless there is a change of heart by the members on that committee then a golden opportunity will be missed and yet again Luton will go back to the steady decline we are all witnessing in front of our very eyes and compound one of those conspiracy theories that the council are only interested, not in sport or leisure, but themselves and their small cliques and of course the airport!

Luton Town Football Clubs ambitions for the town is the best chance we all have to see major changes that are needed to take us all up to the next level, all this at no cost to the local taxpayer at all.

What other council would turn its nose up at an income stream from an outside business in an era of drastic cuts to services and not tell its residents why!

In an era in this town where the council are making financial cuts everywhere, why would the council not lease some wasteland to an outside business who want it and for that business to pay for the privilege, this is the economics of the madhouse!

Our local MPs, Rachel Hopkins and Sarah Owens have asked people to complete a short survey on the question of the lease. We would encourage as many people as possible to complete and send it on, the survey can be found here,

At least our MPs seem to understand the own goal the council are committing!

Stronger Together!

Kevin Rouse

Chairman For and on behalf of Loyal Luton Supporters Club Committee