Chairman’s Message – December 2020

To all our members in the UK and abroad I would like take this opportunity on behalf of Loyal Luton Supporters Club committee to wish you all a merry Christmas and a healthy and prosperous New Year.

I had written several drafts of this message before changing my mind on what I was originally going to say to you all. The reason I have changed my mind is of course regards the elephant in the room, the pandemic. Its tentacles are everywhere and has changed the way we all go about our daily lives whether at home work or leisure.

Football is no different and in particular our club with one of the smallest budgets in the Championship is feeling its effects through the loss of matchday revenue. However, with good governance the club is managing to keep its head above water, just. Its the “just” I want you all to consider for a moment. There have been some discussions amongst our members about the value of season tickets this season (and towards the end of last), and this is a fair and valid point. Some households can pay out substantial amounts of money in purchasing their season tickets and so its a legitimate question in regards to what are you getting back when you cant actually go and enjoy what you have paid for.

Its down to personal choice at the end of the day, but paying for your season ticket in todays nightmarish scenario is the one direct way of helping the club to stay afloat long enough to get through the pandemic. The football club is, however, considering looking at different initiatives regarding season tickets going forward, although this might not be as good as going to an actual match it has been recognised by the football club which we welcome.

It is with out doubt that our magnificent support backed the club in preseason and purchased their season tickets in large enough numbers that have contributed massively towards the club being able to operate in the way it does in a era of business uncertainty and failure. Far for me to say what you should do with your wages but for every supporter who keeps their money in the club via their season ticket purchases now and going forward is helping massively in giving the club a fighting chance of getting through this pandemic and beyond.

Once we are out of Covids grip we will be one of the very few clubs to come out of it in a decent position in terms of debt owed and a viable business going forward. There will be clubs who will implode from the lack of cash and their subsequent debt could see them fall into administration, something we all know only too well and the consequences that administration brings.

At the time of writing we are 13th in the Championship something only a few seasons ago would have seemed like a dream place to be in. Covids iron grip on the country at the moment will recede, it will pass, there will be a return to normality and then hopefully being in the Championship will feel even better once we are all back watching something we are all proud and passionate to support.

In closing have the best Christmas you possibly can, stay safe, see you all soon. Remember to visit our website where we will be adding new lines to our merchandising page on a regular basis, you can find us at

Stronger together,