Chairman’s Message – July 2020

As you all have become aware Mark Bradbury, our Chairman for the last 10 years, has decided to step down. I think that everyone who knows Mark would say that he is a decent likeable and honourable man. Mark has led our organisation with dignity and intelligence over the last decade.

I have worked very closely with Mark over the years, as has every member of our committee, and it is fair to say it is with a heavy heart that we have accepted his decision.

Most of our Chairmen of past years have been faced with some sort of threat to our clubs future and in this regard Mark was no different.

Power Court along with Newlands Park presented an all together different existential threat to the football club in the form of Capital and Regional and its management.

I wont go into detail about this as every Luton Town supporter knows the long battle that Loyal Luton led against them, but Marks leadership through out this long period, with many hundreds of hours spent on meetings etc. should be recognised in the ultimate defeat of Capital and Regional which secured planning permission for both sites. This is something that Mark played a significant part in and should always be remembered for this.

The Loyal Luton committee has reluctantly accepted Mark stepping down from the Chairman’s position and a debate was held who would become the new Chairman. My name was put forward and was accepted by the committee.

It is with great honour and pride that my fellow committee members wanted me to take on the role vacated by Mark. There have been many great people who have been Chairman of our organisation and if I can step into their shoes and take us forward as they have done so previously then I will be immensely proud to have done so.

With each new Chairman Loyal Luton evolves from what it was previously. This will continue. Jeff Thomas our assistant Chairman has also decided to step down. Jeff has been fantastic as the number two to Mark. His level headed and insightful attitude to problems presented to the committee has been invaluable.

Both Mark and Jeff will become special advisors to the committee so their advice and guidance will still be part of the Loyal Luton story going forward. Of course the next question is who will become the assistant Chairman and I am glad to say that Reza Greaves has accepted this position. Reza is a fantastic person to be around and is a great organiser. Reza is completely committed to the cause of Loyal Luton and will be a great asset to all of us in the position of assistant Chairman.

At the moment I want to take some time, along with the committee, in reorganising a few things that will offer something more to you the membership. I want our organisation to be something that means something to all of our members and that you all feel that you are part of something very special. I want us to be a grass roots organisation that acts and responds to our members and is relevant and in fact as our name suggests, an independent supporters club.

This football club of ours is one of the great clubs in our country, led by one of the great boards any supporter could ask for. However, we all know our turbulent history with boards of directors of the past.

Loyal Luton Supporters Club has always been the independent voice of our members and that will continue whilst I am Chairman, it is the foundation stone of our organisation and set in place by the original founding supporters back in 1990.

We are friends with the current custodians but also friends can have discussions that means sometimes there are differences. With this in mind as in fact as our name suggests an independent supporters club voice for our members by the members from that original foundation stone is as strong now as it was then.

Best regards to all of you,

stronger together!

Kevin Rouse