Chairman’s Message – June 2020

I need to firstly apologise for the lack of communication in recent months, we have had an IT and email problem which meant that no incoming emails were being received. hopefully its now sorted. Your committee took the opportunity to look ahead for LLSCs future. Over the next few weeks we should bring you news for your agreement on how we want to take things forward. A big part of this was driven by me, having been Chairman now for ten years I felt it was time to step aside and let others take the baton and lead LLSC. I will still be involved on the committee.I’m delighted that Kevin Rouse has agreed to become Chairman with Reza Greaves as his assistant. In normal times we would hold a members meeting to formally vote and approve these changes, however in the current world that is just not possible. I started my role as Chairman with the Club in the conference, we’ve certainly come a long way since those days. To remain a championship side is so important for the future of the Club, we should certainly not underestimate the importance of the 3-2 win over Blackburn.Loyal Luton would like to express our thanks for the effort and hard work by the custodians of the Football Club, the Board and investors , who continue to take decisions (however much some may surprise us) for the long term future of the Club. What a fantastic finish to the season on wednesday, nerve racking, stressful, and tense. Mostly not the fluid, flowing football we like to see since lockdown, but, organised, motivated and committed, so a big thank you to Nathan Jones, Mick Harford and Paul Hart along with all the players. The only down side being we weren’t able to be there in the flesh and then to party together afterwards!Normally we would have awarded the Bob Bates memorial trophy to the Loyal Luton Player of the year prior to kick off at the last home game. This years the pandemic made that a non-starter, together with the uncertainty if the season was going to recommence and our IT issue we’ve not even asked for votes. However please would you consider your chose and email your vote back to me. Voting will close at 23:59 on 31st July.